Naked, Wet And Dangerous: Why You Should Get That Crack In Your Glass Shower Enclosure Fixed

16 August 2016
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Glass shower enclosures are simplistic and elegant. However, they are not meant for houses with children or for big and tall people because throwing things at them or falling into them causes them to crack (if not shatter altogether). In the event that you already have a crack in your glass shower enclosure, you will want to get that fixed sooner rather than later. Here are some reasons why.

Slippery Surfaces

It is slippery enough in a shower without stepping out onto a wet, slippery floor. Because cracks in your glass shower will allow the shower water to flow outward onto the floor, the floor can get immensely slippery. Getting the glass repaired or replaced ensures that the floor you step out onto is dry and you will not fall and crack your head on your bathroom floor.

Falling Through the Cracked Glass

There is another possibility of danger with the cracked glass in your shower too. Should you slip and fall in your shower and fall toward the cracked glass, the sheer weight of your body against the already damaged glass could cause you to fall through and shatter the shower pane. That is extremely dangerous, because then you would be wet, naked, vulnerable and possibly cut many vital parts of your body in the fall or while trying to get up from the mess on the floor. That is certainly no position you would want to be in, and all the more reason to prevent this situation by getting the glass fixed.

Kids and Toys

Is there any other way to say it? You could tell kids a thousand times to stay out of the bathroom and not play in there, but kids will do it anyway. Now imagine them chucking toys at the cracked glass, or getting into a fight and leaning against the cracked glass, etc. (Moms out there can just see this happening.) Before you know it, you hear a loud crash and rush to find that they have smashed the cracked shower completely. With any luck, the children will walk away unscathed, but worst case scenario is that you will have to call an ambulance or drive the kids to the emergency room and have to explain to a police officer why your kids were in a bathroom with a cracked glass shower enclosure. That is definitely not a good conversation to have, and one which can be avoided by calling your glass shower enclosure experts.

If you need to have your glass shower repaired, contact a company like A-Plus Glass Services for assistance.