4 Tricks For Getting Rid Of Sticky Residue From Your Auto Glass

27 April 2019
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At one time or another, a sticker has probably ended up on your windshield or other auto glass. If you removed a sticker, but the sticker left behind a sticky residue, with a little work and troubleshooting you'll be able to get rid of the sticky residue from your auto glass. #1 Rubbing Alcohol Take a paper towel and soak it I some rubbing alcohol. Then, take the paper towel and use it to dab at the edges of the sticker. Read More 

Disgusted With Your Old Shower Enclosure? Improve The Situation With These Tips

24 January 2019
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Television commercials for bathroom cleaners make it look so easy to have a sparkling clean shower enclosure - just spray and instantly wipe away years of ugly grime. In reality, mineral deposits, soap scum, and the fingerprints and general dirt from everyday usage just don't wipe away all that easily. If you are one of the thousands of homeowners who are less than thrilled with the appearance of their shower enclosure, here are some simple tips that - while not magic - can really help. Read More