4 Steps To Prepare For Your Mobile Windsheild Repair

21 October 2019
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Whether you have a rock chip to deal with or you need to have the whole car windshield replaced, mobile service can make the repair more convenient. The following are the four things you need to do to prepare for your appointment.

#1: Check in With Your Insurance

Why pay out of pocket when your insurance covers the repair? Many auto insurance companies offer free rock chip repair services to their customers, so you may be able to have the work done for free. If you need the whole windshield replaced, it will also likely be covered if you have full coverage on your vehicle. You will likely have to pay your deductible, but any amount over the deductible will be covered by insurance. Before scheduling your repair, take a few minutes to check in with your insurance to see if the work is covered and to find out if there are any limitations on who can do the work for you.

#2: Clean out Your Car

You don't want to have clutter in your front seat if you are having the entire window replaced. Although it is rare for a professional to break a piece of glass when removing or putting it into place, it can happen. If your car's interior is clean, it takes minimal effort for the glass technician to clean up the resulting mess. On the other hand, it's a lot more difficult to get up all the pieces of glass if your car is cluttered. Take a few minutes to clean it out just to be on the safe side.

#3: Park in the Right Area

Mobile repair services come to you wherever you are, but out in the open may not be the best place for them to work if it's raining. At home, you may be able to pull into your garage or under a carport during the work. If you will be at work, you may have to get creative. Paying to park at a nearby parking garage could be the best solution to ensuring the tech has a protected area to properly fix your windshield.

#4: Manage Your Schedule

The idea behind mobile repair is that they arrive when it works for you. Schedule your appointment window so that you won't need to use your car for at least two hours. This should give the tech plenty of time to complete the job, although you need to verify this time window with your specific window service. Rock chip repairs typically take less than 30 minutes, while it typically takes two to three hours before you can get back on the road after a full window replacement.

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