Don't Let FOBT Prevent You From Tinting Your Windows

11 July 2019
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Fear is a natural part of daily life and an emotion that all human beings share. Shared fears can breed misinformation that causes unnecessary worry and stress.

You have probably heard of FOMO (fear of missing out), but you may not be familiar with its lesser-known contemporary, FOBT (fear of bad tint). It's important that your company doesn't allow FOBT to prevent you from taking full advantage of the benefits that a window film can offer over time.

Prevent Bubbling

For many business managers, FOBT is rooted in the bubbling that can occur when a window film is not installed properly. Working with a reputable company that has plenty of experience adding tint to large commercial windows can eliminate the potential for bubbling. The technician will measure each of the windows in your commercial space. A sheet of film will then be cut to these specifications. The key to preventing bubbling is to make the tint film slightly smaller than the overall size of the window. This will allow the film to expand and contract as the surface of the glass changes temperatures.

Prevent Peeling

Poorly installed window tint can begin to peel away from the surface of the glass window it is covering. Peeling tint can be very unsightly, and no business manager wants to promote a peeling look in his or her commercial space.

Once again, an experienced installer can help eliminate any FOBT that is caused by peeling. The surface of the glass is thoroughly cleaned before the tint film is applied. This eliminates any dirt or debris that might compromise the adhesion of the film.

Both the film and the glass are sprayed with water before the final film placement. This helps to eliminate any static electricity that could prevent proper adhesion. Over time, the moisture will evaporate and leave the tint film firmly bonded to the glass surface of a door or window.

No need to let your FOBT threaten you with thoughts of peeling tint film. Proper installation results in a tinted surface that will remain in place indefinitely.

Tinting your commercial windows can increase privacy and help protect your inventory against potential sun damage. Don't let your FOBT stop you from reaping the benefits of a properly installed window tint in the near future.

You can read more about commercial window films on the websites of companies who install them. Contact a tinting company for more information.