3 Things That Can Happen If Your Rear Windshield Replacement Is Not The Right Size

4 April 2018
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Your rear windshield probably doesn't get the same kind of love as your front windshield, but this piece of auto glass is definitely a valuable thing. If something happens and your rear windshield gets broken and needs to be replaced, you may assume that this looks a little easier than installing a front windshield, but that honestly is not the case. One of the biggest mistakes people make with a rear windshield install if they go at it on their own is not getting the correct windshield model. Read More 

Should You Add A Bathroom, Or Upgrade The One You’ve Got?

26 January 2018
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You have some money to play with for home renovations, and you think your bathrooms need some work. But you can't decide whether to add a second (or third) bathroom, or upgrade the one you've got. Here are some things to consider with either of these choices.  Upgrade Your Existing Bathroom You know there is a lot of work to be done in your current bathroom. Here are some potential things you could do with money for a remodel: Read More