Creating Some Privacy On Your Shower Door With Window Film

7 March 2016
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Showering in a shower that has large, clear doors can be a bit nerve wracking if you are someone who enjoys having privacy when you shower. If your spouse needs to come in and out of the bathroom while you are showering to get ready for work, the lack of privacy can be a huge issue. Fortunately, you can easily create more privacy when you shower by using window film on the glass doors to cut down on what someone sees when you are showering. The following guide walks you through everything you need to know about the window film.

You Need to Know the Exact Size of Your Shower Doors

When you order the window films, you do not want to have to trim them too much because you could cut off part of the design that is created on them. Measure the length and width of your shower door so that you know exactly how large of a film to buy.

There Are Many Options When It Comes to the Window Film

Take your time when looking at the many different styles of film that are available. You can choose a film that has a beautiful picture created on it or one that has a very simplistic design. You will have to see the film everyday so be sure it is something you will not mind seeing regularly.

The Film Needs to Be Attached to the Outside of the Door

You need to attach the film to the outside of the door so that it is not constantly coming into contact with water. While water will not damage it, water could get between the glass and film and cause it to come loose. Attaching the film to the outside of the door decreases the chances of it coming loose.

Attaching the Film Is a Quick and Easy Process

To attach the film, all you need to do is first clean the glass with glass cleaner, then peel the backing off of the film. Center the film at the top of the shower door and then slowly push it against the door. Make sure that you are spreading it out as evenly as you can and push out all of the pockets of air as you go so that the film sits as flush against the glass as possible.

Once the film is attached to your shower door, it will stay attached until you peel it from the glass. It does not cause any damage to the glass and will give you the privacy that you want quickly and easily. Contact a company like Alabama Glass Works Inc for more information.