3 Things That Can Happen If Your Rear Windshield Replacement Is Not The Right Size

4 April 2018
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Your rear windshield probably doesn't get the same kind of love as your front windshield, but this piece of auto glass is definitely a valuable thing. If something happens and your rear windshield gets broken and needs to be replaced, you may assume that this looks a little easier than installing a front windshield, but that honestly is not the case. One of the biggest mistakes people make with a rear windshield install if they go at it on their own is not getting the correct windshield model. This one thing can cause all kinds of issues. Here's a look at three things that can happen if your rear replacement windshield is not the right size. 

The replacement window will not adhere to the frame of the window properly. 

It can be extremely difficult to get a windshield to fit the frame in a way that it rightly adheres and seals off, even if you have the right replacement from the correct make and model vehicle. This is especially true if you are attempting a DIY job and have no windshield replacement experience. However, if you get a replacement rear windshield that is not for the right make or model, you are definitely going to have problems getting the glass to seat in place the way you expect it to. 

The replacement window could develop stress cracks with time. 

When you force a windshield to fit a frame that it wasn't made for, it may seem to fit just fine at first, and it may even appear to be perfectly seated in place. What you cannot see, however, is the stress the windshield glass is in because you have placed it or forced it into an awkward position. After a little time, the stress on the glass can cause small cracks to develop, and they will slowly spread out across the new glass. 

The replacement window could leak moisture into your car. 

Even the tiniest crevice left unsealed can allow moisture to seep into the interior of your vehicle, and this is never a good situation. When you put in a replacement window that does not properly fit, the contours and curves may not sit perfectly aligned with the seal, which isn't as obvious to spot as it may sound. In most cases, the moisture leakage is so slight that you may only notice excess condensation inside the car or small dampened areas.