Should You Add A Bathroom, Or Upgrade The One You've Got?

26 January 2018
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You have some money to play with for home renovations, and you think your bathrooms need some work. But you can't decide whether to add a second (or third) bathroom, or upgrade the one you've got. Here are some things to consider with either of these choices. 

Upgrade Your Existing Bathroom

You know there is a lot of work to be done in your current bathroom. Here are some potential things you could do with money for a remodel:

Replace Wall Finishes. Many bathroom finishes will get dingy and discolored over time. They may be infected with mold or simply changing colors due to the level of moisture in the bathroom. Your wallpaper might be peeling. These aren't pleasant things to look at, so give your bathroom the refresh it needs. 

Get Glass Shower Doors. You would be surprised at how much glass shower doors can open up the space. Or, perhaps you wouldn't, and you've been considering them for a long time. Not only will glass shower doors give the bathroom a sleeker look, but they will also create easier cleanup and help stop the growth of mold on your shower enclosure. 

Upgrade the Porcelain Throne. Many cultures are ahead in terms of their toilet selections. The bidet and the heated toilet seat are options, depending on where you go. You could copy some of those features or simply get a low-flow, sustainable toilet. 

The decision to focus on your current bathroom is a decision to consolidate your resources and create the best bathroom experience possible. 

Install a New Bathroom

Installing a new bathroom could be great, too. You are giving your family more options for bathrooms so that one member of the family won't be inconvenienced by the others as often. If you have similar schedules with other members of the household, this could be a really important move. If one level has a bathroom and the other one doesn't, a new bathroom on the other floor could also create a lot less wasted time going up and down the stairs. The decision to install a second bathroom would be based on the desire to have greater convenience for all members of the family, to save time, and to spread out your resources. 

Either decision can be great. Certainly contact a designer to ensure that you are choosing the best fixtures for energy efficiency, comfort, and value. Plan carefully to avoid any budgeting surprises. And enjoy your new bathroom.