Glass: The Centerpiece, Light-Enabler, Or Accent Element For Your Bathroom Renovation

6 November 2017
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Bathroom renovation projects can really allow you to let your creativity flow, replacing standard, contractor grade fixtures and accessories with custom-made, personalized products. One great way to really set your bathroom renovation project apart is to install custom glass components! But where should you begin?

Types of glass in the bathroom

Bathrooms are a great place to unleash the power of glass; there are so many places where you can use it!

  • Glass block enclosures for shower areas. There are multiple ways that glass blocks can be used to enhance a custom shower. Some people like to use glass blocks like bricks to provide an open, lighted, geometric arrangement without actually making a translucent or see-through wall. Others like to use glass bricks to provide a curved, wraparound feel.
  • Glass doors that seem like they belong in the bathroom. In many older homes, glass doors sometimes feel like they were just stood up on a framed, shower base. New, glass shower doors are incorporated into the design of the overall shower, sometimes providing the frame, sometimes filling in the gaps. In bedrooms where the bathroom is not separated from the master bedroom, glass can even be used to "frame" the bathroom and partition the space.
  • Vanity mirrors. The mirror isn't just a piece of glass to hang on a wall anymore. You can get modern mirrors that are backlit, rustic mirrors to give that country feel, polished metal mirrors to provide a unique design element, or even mirrors that hang from the ceiling to provide a mirror on both sides of a large bathroom! Mirrors can be a perfect, glass finishing piece to bring it all together.

Types of glass to allow light into your bathroom

Glass doesn't just have to be a design element within the bathroom but can be a natural way to allow more light into the bathroom. Some simple ideas to add natural light include:

  • Glass block windows. Why just replace the window when you can replace it with glass blocks; and not just any glass blocks, but glass blocks that are many different colors! Glass block windows come from easy-to-install, pre-built windows to custom, multi-hued arrangements.
  • Skylights. Natural lighting is back in! Adding a skylight to a bathroom can allow you to enjoy natural lighting to brighten up a dark bathroom space without exposing everything that goes on in the bathroom. Skylights come in many shapes that include bubble shape for flat roofs, non-opening and opening varieties, and custom shapes such as pyramids, domes, single pitch, or double pitch.

Glass is such a versatile, bathroom material. You can use it as the centerpiece of your bathroom renovation or just to provide those finishing touches. Check out a website like for more information and assistance.