Three Types of Skylights to Consider for Your Home Renovation

17 October 2016
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Skylights are one way to bring natural light into a room, especially in rooms that have no windows. You might run into this scenario when renovating an Edwardian or Victorian home, which sometimes have oddly shaped or placed rooms. It's not uncommon to find a windowless bathroom in such vintage structures. Below are three types of skylights that can help shed some light on the subject.

Bathroom Skylights for Small Spaces

Indoor plumbing in Victorian times was almost non existent, unless of course you were very rich. Over time that changed, and homeowners began fitting in bathrooms wherever they had room. Often they would use an oversized closet or cut off a portion of an existing room. Most often, these rooms had no windows. If that typical, single light hanging from the ceiling went out, then you were left in the dark. If you are renovating one of these old-time bathrooms, consider installing a rooftop skylight. Clear glass brings in the most light, and there's not usually a privacy issue on a roof.  You skylight could light up the entire bathroom or be targeted to a specific area, such as the vanity or shower area. Tubular skylights usually work well in these situations.

Skylights on Angled Roofs to Balance Room Lighting

Angled roofs can create situations where more than one skylight is needed to keep a room from feeling unbalanced. This sometimes occurs in single-level sections of a vintage home or in attics. If you have a peaked roof, putting two large skylights on either side of the peak, facing each other, will not only provide good lighting but will also emphasize the architectural angles of the ceiling. The same scenario could apply for an oversized room with vaulted ceilings. Installing skylights with remote control openers makes this scenario more practical.  

Fancy Lantern Roof Design Skylights for a Bit of Romance

Skylights can be made up of different pieces of glass that precisely fit together, almost like the pieces of a stained glass window. Sometimes called lantern skylights, the old fashioned design is often used in larger vintage bathrooms. The glass may be clear or frosted, depending on the amount of light you need or want.  A nice touch is to install mini LED lights around the skylight to create a romantic look. One option is to place the skylight directly over an oversized tub. Sit back, soak, relax and look at the stars at the same time.