Two Ways A Professional Windshield Chip Repair Can Be Customized To Your Windshield

20 September 2016
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If you buy a DIY kit from the store in order to repair your own windshield, you may end up with okay results or you may not. The problem is that the kits are more or less one-size-fits-all solutions, whereas the reality of windshield damage dictates that no two chips are the same. Because of this, different materials and methods must be used in order to effectively remediate the damage done to your windshield. If you go to a reputable auto glass repair shop, you'll receive customized care that will take all the circumstances into account and deliver the best repair for your damage. Here are two ways this customization can be effected.

1. Filling technique

There are several different types of chips that can be repaired at an auto shop. The bullseye and star types are likely candidates, although a chip that is a combination of these two may be more complex and difficult to fill correctly. Your technician will analyze what type (or combination of types) best describes your chip and then change the filling technique appropriately. For example, some chips must be cured while under pressure, while others can be heated before filling them instead.   

2. Using the right thickness of resin 

The resins that come in DIY windshield chip repair kits are often too thin for damage that's deeper than a surface scratch. It can be very difficult for an amateur to procure higher-viscosity (thicker) resins, which are the type more frequently required for chip or crack filling. Professional repair shops keep a variety of these resins on hand, and the technician who repairs your chip can use the exact right type of resin for the situation. Some variables that may affect the type of resin used include:

  • Temperature
  • Depth of the chip
  • Type of chip

Although there are more variations than those listed here, these will give you an idea of the amount of difference there can be between one chip repair and the next.   These two aspects of professional chip repair show how a professional auto glass repair shop can customize the process in order to give you the best chip repair possible for your situation. Another bonus is that all good repair shops will guarantee their work. This means that with a professional repair, you get a guarantee that won't have to pay for it if it doesn't hold (if the chip widens into a crack later and forces you to replace your windshield); no such guarantee is available for DIY repair kits. Contact a company like Allied Glass & Mirror for more info.