Auto Glass Repair: 3 De-Icing Methods You Should Avoid

24 March 2016
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During the winter months, snow and ice is a common problem. Not only does it make the roads slick and dangerous, it also coats your vehicle. While removing snow and ice might seem like an easy task, it can become difficult. Removing snow and ice the wrong way can easily cause your windshield to crack.

So what should you avoid when de-icing your windshield? Here are three things:

1. Hot Water

A lot of people think hot water is a good idea, especially when they are in a hurry. While hot water certainly can melt ice, it isn't a good idea to pour it onto your windshield. Cold glass is under a lot of stress and warming it up too quickly causes a thermal shock, which can easily make it crack or shatter. If the weather is particularly cold, you should also avoid using warm water, as this can make it crack as well.

2. Unconventional Scrapers

There are specific ice scrapers that are designed for windshields. If you don't have one of these tools on hand, you might think it is okay to use another tool, such as a knife or metal spatula, to remove the ice. While these tools probably will work, they might cause some damage to your windshield. Since these tools are not designed for glass, it is possible that they will scratch or even break the glass.

3. Homemade Concoctions

There are a lot of rumors about homemade concoctions that can remove ice on windshields. Household items such as vinegar, rubbing alcohol, salt, and other items should all be avoided. While these solutions might work, it really isn't worth the risk to your windshield. So if you must use any formulas, make sure they are designed for removing ice from glass.

While homemade solutions might seem like a good idea on a snowy morning, they really aren't something you should try. A homemade concoction or tool can easily cause your windshield to crack, break, or scratch. If you do not have the proper tools to remove the ice, your best bet is to let your vehicle warm up for a few minutes before you leave in the morning.

If you have tried these methods at some point and your windshield is now damaged, don't fret. An auto glass repair company like Allstate Glass or auto shop can help you fix the glass. Depending on the severity, it might not even to be replaced.