Things To Consider Before Using Residential Window Tinting

22 March 2016
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One trend, especially in the homes of people who are looking to make their home more environmentally friendly, is home window tinting. There are a number of advantages to having these window films applied to a home, but also some potential drawbacks.

Lower Utility Costs

Adding window tinting to a home can lower utility bills by as much as 30 or 40 percent. Depending on the film used to tint the window, it may help reflect heat in the summer and decrease the need for air conditioning or absorb heat to improve heat retention in the home and decrease heating bills in the winter. Because of this, some utility companies will actually offer rebates when a home has tinted windows.

Limits UV Damage

Sometimes the ultraviolet light coming in through windows causes artwork, furniture or flooring to fade over time. Window tinting helps block almost all of this light, limiting this damage and making it so homeowners don't have to replace these items as often.

Not All Are Films Are Created Equal

Check with the residential window tinting services in your area to see which type of window tinting films they use. Some films are better than others. Look for a film that's got National Fenestration Rating Council, or NFRC. certification. These films have been rated as to their energy performance, fire safety and ability to protect from fragments of glass.

Potential Safety Benefits

Attaching a film to the windows means that should the window break, it will be less likely that fragments and shards of glass will go flying and spread all over the room.

Clear or Tinted Film

In the past, to get benefits it was necessary to darken windows, but now some of the same benefits are available through specially designed clear films. However, these clear films are usually better for keeping the heat out in the summer than keeping it inside during the winter, so they may be better for those who live in warm climates than those who live in cooler climates.

Warranty Considerations

Because this is an aftermarket product, some window manufacturers will void their warranty if a homeowner adds window film. Check the warranty on the windows in the home carefully before applying solar film.

Local Restrictions

Those who live in areas with a homeowner's association should check the rules of the association, as some don't allow window tinting. The clear window films may still be allowed, however, depending on the association.

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