Three Important Reasons To Have Your Cracked Windshield Replaced Promptly

7 March 2016
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It can be easy to dismiss a cracked windshield as being a minor problem. After all, you might rationalize, you can still see through the windshield and you have a busy schedule with little time to schedule a windshield replacement. What you might not know, however, is that it's not a good idea to drive with your windshield in this condition for any longer than necessary. As soon as you see signs of damage, you should call your local auto glass service to schedule an appointment. Technicians can replace a windshield quickly -- often while you wait -- and have you back on the road safely. Here are three reasons that you need to get this job done.  

The Crack Will Only Get Worse

A long list of factors can cause the crack in your windshield to grow; if you simply ignore the problem, it's almost a guarantee that you'll soon be dealing with a larger crack. Windshield cracks can expand due to vibration, which means that each time you hit a pothole or slam your door, there's a chance of the damage worsening. Temperature changes can also contribute to the expansion of your crack; if you crank the air conditioner on a hot day, the sudden change in the temperature of the windshield glass can lead to further damage.

You Could Get Pulled Over And Ticketed

There's a chance that failing to deal with your cracked windshield could cost you financially. Police officers have the ability to pull over vehicles that have cracked windshields and issue a warning or even write the driver a ticket. If a police officer spots you driving your vehicle and feels that the crack is distracting to you or is harming your ability to clearly see what's in front of you, you could be looking at a fine.

You'll Be Less Safe In An Accident

Even if the crack in your windshield looks minor, it is effecting the structural integrity of the glass. Your vehicle's windshield is designed to provide a sturdy safety barrier to protect you in the event of an accident -- and especially if your vehicle rolls -- but this can only take place if the windshield is in optimal condition. Even a minor crack could be enough to cause the windshield to collapse under the weight of the car if you've rolled onto your roof, which could lead to a serious injury for you or a passenger. 

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