Finding Better Glass For Your Home

Do Residential Window Tints Really Save You Money?

Residential window tinting is becoming a popular method that people are using to make their home more “green” and save money by increasing energy efficiency. However, it’s worth taking a look at whether or not these treatments actually save you money or if they’re overrated. The Money You’ll Save The amount of money you’ll save […]

Helpful Information About A Cracked Windshield

Has your windshield been cracked for a long time and you don’t intend on getting it fixed anytime soon? You are actually putting your safety at risk by not getting your windshield repaired, so you might want to take your vehicle to a glass repair specialist as soon as you can. Take a look at […]

Stress Cracks: A Primer

Perhaps you have noticed that your window has a very particular type of crack. It may not look huge, or deep, but rather it is a shallow crack that doesn’t appear as if it was caused by blunt trauma. This is most likely a stress crack. A stress crack may be a cause for you […]

3 Must-Haves In Your Bahroom Remodel

Bathrooms are a haven of sorts. They are a place where you can go to unwind and relax. If you are looking to remodel your space and create a more welcoming environment for you to enjoy, there are a few simple design elements that you should consider putting in your space. Consider adding in the […]

How To Reduce The Risk Of Tempered Glass Exploding

If you have any furniture, appliance parts, or things such as cutting boards made out of tempered glass, you might think that you have indestructable materials in your home. However, tempered glass, despite its reputation for safety, has a quirk: It can explode spontaneously. This is a rare phenomenon — you’re not at constant risk […]