3-Step Guide For Temporarily Fixing The Cracked Glass In Your Home’s Aluminum Storm Door

20 May 2017
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If the glass in your home's aluminum storm door was cracked, you may wonder if there is anything you can do to patch it before the next storm to keep the glass from shattering. If so, use the following three-step guide for temporarily fixing the crack in the glass using supplies you may have at home or can find in a hardware or department store. Step 1:  Caulk Around The Glass Pane Read More 

Should You Repair Or Replace Damaged Auto Glass?

20 January 2017
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The glass in your car is there to protect you from the weather, deflect flying debris, and keep things inside your car from blowing out. When you have a crack or hole in the windshield most people know to have it fixed as soon as possible. However, what about side windows or the rear window? Should you have them repaired because of a small chip or do you need to have them replaced? Read More 

Three Types of Skylights to Consider for Your Home Renovation

17 October 2016
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Skylights are one way to bring natural light into a room, especially in rooms that have no windows. You might run into this scenario when renovating an Edwardian or Victorian home, which sometimes have oddly shaped or placed rooms. It's not uncommon to find a windowless bathroom in such vintage structures. Below are three types of skylights that can help shed some light on the subject. Bathroom Skylights for Small Spaces Read More 

Two Ways A Professional Windshield Chip Repair Can Be Customized To Your Windshield

20 September 2016
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If you buy a DIY kit from the store in order to repair your own windshield, you may end up with okay results or you may not. The problem is that the kits are more or less one-size-fits-all solutions, whereas the reality of windshield damage dictates that no two chips are the same. Because of this, different materials and methods must be used in order to effectively remediate the damage done to your windshield. Read More 

Naked, Wet And Dangerous: Why You Should Get That Crack In Your Glass Shower Enclosure Fixed

16 August 2016
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Glass shower enclosures are simplistic and elegant. However, they are not meant for houses with children or for big and tall people because throwing things at them or falling into them causes them to crack (if not shatter altogether). In the event that you already have a crack in your glass shower enclosure, you will want to get that fixed sooner rather than later. Here are some reasons why. Slippery Surfaces Read More